Paid Advertising

Minimize unnecessary ad expenses and optimize your company’s ROI through comprehensive PPC services.

Looking to attract quality leads to your website? Utilize paid ads for targeted results. Matrix Giant offers expert paid search management services, ensuring precise targeting in online spaces where potential customers are actively searching. Enhance your conversions with our strategic approach.

Why Paid Advertising Matters for Your Brand?

Elevate your online presence with pay-per-click advertising (PPC), a highly effective strategy for directly targeting customers ready to make decisions. Utilizing various ad formats such as social media, display, video, and remarketing ads, Hurrdat Marketing ensures the influx of qualified leads to your website, driving conversions effectively.

Whether you require a top-of-the-funnel strategy for building brand awareness and garnering interest, or a bottom-of-the-funnel approach directing customers to key sales points on your website, paid advertising is an essential component of a holistic digital marketing plan. Our PPC services are designed to align with your specific goals, ensuring a comprehensive strategy that maximizes results and enhances your online success.

How We Create a Paid Advertising Strategy


Find the Best Platforms

We identify the most effective paid advertising platforms to enhance your brand visibility in search engine results, drive increased website traffic, and direct customers straight to webpages where they can promptly take action.


Pull Customer Data

Avoiding a "spray and pray" approach with paid ads, we leverage existing email lists, social media analytics, and other customer data you've collected. This allows us to create targeted audiences that precisely drive qualified leads to your brand.


Monitor Ad Performance

Throughout the duration of your paid ad campaign, we vigilantly monitor real-time results. This proactive approach ensures that your ads align with and achieve your paid marketing goals. Should there be any deviation, we make immediate adjustments to optimize performance.


Run Campaign Tests

Discovering the most effective ads for your brand and target audience is our goal. Utilizing A/B testing, we experiment with various visuals, ad copy messaging, and placements to discern what resonates and garners more clicks from your customers.


Provide Monthly Reporting

Our monthly paid advertising reports provide comprehensive metrics, revealing the areas where your PPC efforts excel and suggesting adjustments for better targeting your online advertising goals. This transparent approach keeps you informed about the performance of your paid advertising campaigns.

Marketing Case-Studies

Explore how Matrix Giant has successfully assisted clients with innovative search engine optimization strategies by delving into our SEO case studies.

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Our method has been tested

Matrix Giant truly elevated our online game! Their strategic approach resonated, boosting brand awareness and engaging our Canadian audience. A crucial part of our digital success.
Chloe Sinclair
Opting for Matrix Giant was a game-changer. Their expertise in crafting engaging content heightened our brand visibility and significantly boosted conversions. A go-to for Canadian businesses.
Noah Tremblay
Matrix Giant went above and beyond. Their tailored strategy effectively showcased our brand, driving sustained interest from the Canadian audience. Integral to our marketing success.
Ava Dubois

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